The Answer Software

Why choose Electrical USA’s “The Answer” program


The Answer” comes with a no cost, 30 day, risk-free trial period. If for any reason you find that this program is not what you are looking for, we will simply terminate your free trial. However, if you decide “The Answer” is for you we will start you on a low monthly fee, therefore eliminating the worry of a large upfront cost. Unlike other programs, “The Answer” program’s monthly fee helps you avoid the trap you can fall into with an upfront cost. If for some reason, six months down the road you realize this program is not for you, all that is necessary is a cancellation of your monthly payments. If you were in the same situation with an upfront cost, you would be out the thousands of dollars that was required in the very first payment. Even with simple estimating programs, it is difficult for the average electrician to make a decision on whether or not a program is fit to operate his business in just 30 days. This is why a low monthly fee with no yearly maintenance fees is the best route to take.  


Our monthly fee is as low as $150.00/month, with no yearly maintenance fees. All maintenance fees including program updates are included within the monthly fee. However, if you have a request for a special feature to be written just for you an increase in the monthly fee is likely. Yes, if you have a special need we are capable of assisting you to make your program more suitable for you personal preferences. When you purchase “The Answer” program you not only buy the program you are also buying an assistant.


Dennis Diller, a master electrician, developed the Answer program after going through many programs and not being able to find one that could do everything he needed. Since 1991 he has been changing and adding to the program to make it what it is today. Being in the trade and knowing what electrical contractors need, Dennis has taken advantage of past programmer’s mistake and developed “The Answer” program into a must have for all electrical contractors.


Not only has “The Answer” program been developed by a master electrician, but a master electrician will always be available for tech support. Therefore, you will always be talking with a person who not only knows the program inside and out but also the trade.


We also provide free online demonstrations that will allow you to see how powerful and easy to use this program is. The online demonstrations will also guide you through step-by-step instructions of all the programs features:  Estimating, T&M Billing, Job Cost, Pay Roll, and Inventory Pricing.


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